We arrived in Salisbury with two young children having moved house five times in two and half years with barely any money and finally a job for David after 8 long months of unemployment. We had survived on parental help and milk tokens and income support.  
Our youngest was six months old our eldest nearly three. 
It was a tough time in our marriage and in our life. 


He turned our mourning into dancing and Davids Job went really well from strength to strength and I was able to go back to work part time, the children settled well into nursery and we found the most amazing place called  Church.  We started going to St Paul's Salisbury in February 1994 we had tried the local Catholic church as a good catholic family but it was not enough. I knew having grown up as an Anglican that there was more! So much more!! 

From Sunday to Sunday I felt that the Vicar then Rupert Charkham was speaking straight into my situation with solutions and insights he could not have known without God prompting him. We kept going back to church and soon enrolled in an Alpha course where we understood more about the Holy Spirit.  The councillor, that Jesus promised to send when he ascended to heaven, the one that came as tongues of fire on the apostles in the book of Acts.  
This transformed both our lives and over the next twenty years God has continuously called us to generosity as a direct experience of his abundant provision for us, at a very difficult time. 


Was founded to create a margin in our income that we could allocate to give away to those that need a treat. Based on the story of Ruth when she is gleaning in the field belonging to Boaz, she is able to glean because of the
 biblical principal of Margin. 


 Just as we were in need of treats and boosts along the way to recovery from Debt and Job losses and so much more. We set out to put money aside to be able to buy things for friends to begin with and then others.  It started small and has now grown. We would love to do so much more, so if you are able to donate and become part of the biblical provision for someone like Ruth or even just a close friend of yours, please go to our donate page and donate via pay pal. 

  To hear the whole story give us a call I would be delighted to share it with everyone who ears  to hear. 


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