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Christmas update 2011


Christmas 2011 update
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Well another Big  Saturday event God under way at St. Paul's Salisbury. 22 placements. 85volunteers. 26 mugs and 12 gift cards worth £5.00. All given as gifts to treat those we visited and helped with tasks. What a privaledge to be Jesus hands and feet to the world we live in. 

Then Tuesday saw 34 bags filled with socks for the homeless in Wiltshire and crocs and socks went down a treat. The ladies of wellsprings ministry in broad chalk bagged all the socks and gave from their hearts.

Whats New

Hi Everyone
I am so excited I have just updated the website and it is looking pretty user friendly. I wanted to let all you friends know that if you would like to donate to the work of Advent Worldwide you now can via Pay Pal on our new Donate now button on the Donate page.  

Have a look at where your money is going to, we have managed to give out over 100 mugs with coffee and sugar and biscuits wrapped in pretty bags with bows to every Big Saturday client that St Pauls Salisbury have visited to either help with gardening or household chores or painting and decorating.


So its been a while since I updated the website and also the changes that have occurred in the last few months.
ADVENT WORLDWIDE is now an official small charity with our own bank account that anyone seeking to support us can pay into. Please phone for our details on giving and gift aid.
The second update is that God has really challenged us to support more people in ministry training and we are now supporting three full time students of theology. This has been an exciting development as we have stepped out on the water that God has called us into.

BIble study reminder

Hi everyone,
Me again, just to let you know that God is good and we are starting our bible study again at Wyle lodge number 15 at the moment on Thursday the 12th of Jan.  All of you are welcome just let me know if you are coming.  We run from 2.oopm till 3.30pm and are currently studying Gods rescue plan.  A Cover to Cover publication.
Hope to hear from some of you soon. 

Christmas update 2011

e.Hi everyone this year had been fun we have continued to support St Pauls Salisbury in their Big Saturday projects  and have managed to a provide over 500 gifts so far since we started.

Our vision is to increase the amount of giving we support others to achieve. We are setting up our new charity status with a slight change of name to ADVENT, as we have dropped the worldwide just to make it easier for those finding us on the web.  
So god bless you all and a big thank you for all your support.

Update so far 08.2011

Just a quick note as I am learning to use this blog thing.
We have been blessed to give out over 250gifts this year alone.  It has been fantastic to see churches coming on board and distributing the gifts to those in need of Gods love.
To date Another Big Saturday project with St Pauls Salisbury has been one of our biggest events.  As a team of volunteers have gone out and laid patios, painted houses, and cleared up gardens.We have seen our gifts of love handed over to some amazing people.

Our First Blog

Hi Everyone,
We are so happy to able to let you know day by about the events that Advent Worldwide is getting involved in .
Just Last week we were able to supply 21 gifts to be handed out by one of our local churches in their |Big Saturday Project. 
The gifts are given as treats to those that were visited that day.  It is an absolute delight to see the effects of spreading Jesus's love in our communities and we cannot wait for our next request.
So please remember to contact us if you would like to treat someone special today.
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